“When I applied to be a Fellow, it was early in my career and I was, frankly, overwhelmed by the responsibility that comes with working in Catholic media. And while I continue to be humbled by how far I still have to grow, I can thank the Leonine Forum for providing me with many resources and lessons that have equipped me with a better understanding of the Catholic Church. Whether it’s through the introduction of a Catholic idea I wasn’t familiar with, or the pages of a papal encyclical, I have grown in my knowledge of the Faith. The most invaluable aspect, however, was not a reading, but the people I came into community with. As a Fellow, I met women who were a bit more established in their careers, and they became a safe landing place for me to go to if I had professional or life questions I needed some help navigating. To know there were women who didn’t want to compete with me, but rather, wanted to foster and enrich my talents, was a gift from God. Today, as an alum of the Leonine Forum, that circle only grows wider.”

CATHERINE HADRO • 2014-2015 DC Fellow

“I was drawn to the Leonine Forum because I wanted to grow in my intellectual faith and tackle thorny issues when it came to being a virtuous leader while serving in the U.S. Navy. To be a servant leader, I should have a strong grasp of the underlying, foundational truths that make up my faith as a Catholic. The Leonine Forum gave that to me and has made me a better Officer and certainly prepared me invaluably to be a commanding officer of 350 Sailors on a warship. As Catholics who have important leadership roles in our communities, we owe it to those we serve and lead to grapple with the difficult questions. I directly connect my experience with Leonine Forum to my confidence to live my faith, not in an proselytizing way (that would be inappropriate in my position) but in a modeling way. For example, I talk every Sailor who checks into my command about who I am as a leader and how being Catholic defines those core values of dignity and respect. Because each of us has a soul and therefore an inherent, God-given dignity, the respect we owe one another is not determined by the rank we wear, the color of our skin, or the language we speak. It’s amazing how those simple phrases resonate with each one of them.”

JEAN MARIE SULLIVAN • 2013-2014 DC Fellow

“I am so grateful for the fellowship and formation that I’ve found in the Leonine Forum. Leonine’s recent pilgrimage to Rome was especially transformative for me. Each day – whether celebrating early morning mass, eating endless amounts of delicious pasta at our group dinners, or quietly praying the rosary on the tour bus – I looked at the bright, ambitious, generous women and men around me and truly felt joy and hope for the future of the Catholic Church. I’m so excited to be on this intellectual and spiritual journey with my class of Leonine Fellows, and to witness these saints in the making and emerging leaders from all walks of life.”

GRACE SHAY • 2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum is unquestionably a life-changing experience.  The in-depth treatment of challenging topics reveals a deeper beauty of the faith and inspired me to more fully integrate Catholic theology into my professional and personal life.  Leonine Fellows learn how Christ’s love and call to holiness can be more profoundly applied in their communities and circles of influence.  The guest speakers for each session are extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and enthusiastic.  Interaction with other Fellows and the Leonine Forum leadership team offers unique and fulfilling fellowship that will undoubtedly lead to lifelong friendships.  I feel extremely blessed to have been selected to participate in the Leonine Forum and to be a lifelong Fellow.”

AARON RANSON • 2017-2018 DC Fellow

“I’m grateful to say that the Leonine Forum has challenged me spiritually, intellectually, and socially. It has also encouraged me to contemplate “the big picture” and how my role in leadership can positively influence the world. It has fed my soul, nourished my mind, and nurtured for me a like-minded professional community who hunger and thirsts for their faith as much as I do. This is an experience I’d be happy to repeat and am honored to have participated in this program! The Leonine Forum has truly been an answer to my prayers.”

BRENDA GARCIA • 2019-2020 LA Fellow

“I really enjoyed the exposure to various strands of the Catholic intellectual tradition, and building a community with the other Fellows.”

BRIAN LICHTER • 2018-2019 DC Fellow

“I appreciated the chance to get to know my cohort better and forge relationships with other intellectually and spiritually serious Catholics.”

ALEXEI SARGEANT • 2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“My First Year experience with the Leonine Forum was electric. I wanted to have a greater understanding of Catholic social teaching, its origins and applications, so that I could apply it more fully and beautifully in my life – I am immediately applying what I learned. We have not only connected with each other professionally, but we are developing friendships, sharing our successes, and drawing on each other for support.”

KATE ABBOTT • 2018-2019 DC Fellow

“I met an incredible group of like-minded people and learned a lot from them, as well as from the lecturers and readings. The topics were relevant and well-presented… The support staff and faculty were consistently available and engaging, making us feel part of something bigger. I always looked forward to our monthly sessions, and the whole year was a great introduction to the community.”

CHRISTIAN IEZZI • 2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“I am very happy to say Leonine provided the first structured environment for me to learn [philosophy and theology], and from some of the best speakers in the country! As someone who works in finance, surrounding myself once a month with people who thought so critically and profoundly about [the principles of Catholic social teaching] was nurturing and freeing. I felt right at home with my peers.”

Luisa Majnoni d'Intignano • 2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“Leonine was an incredible experience that has helped form me, expand my Catholic network, and deepen my knowledge of the world so as to interact with the world with a heightened sense of Catholicity and confidence in my beliefs.”

TYLER LOMNITZER • 2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum has equipped me to integrate Catholic social teaching into my personal life and profession.”

ELISE ITALIANO • 2014- 2015 DC Fellow

“In the last year, a lot has changed in my spiritual life and I have to credit Leonine for part of it. My First Year experience was instrumental in my growth, spiritually and intellectually.”

CECILIA CERVANTES • 2018-2019 DC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum was an incredible experience. We learned directly from the top leaders at the intersection faith, culture, and public policy. I not only learned more about the deep philosophical tenets of the Catholic faith, but how to apply these tenets to complex public policy issues of this age.”

JULIA SLINGSBY • 2013-2014 DC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum helped show me how to see timeless truths in many of the great and small events happening around us. There’s really no other program like it.”

ALEC TORRES • 2016-2017 DC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum is an incredible program that helps cultivate the lives of young professionals. I participated in the Leonine Forum during an important time in my career and am forever grateful for the formation and foundation that it provided me.”

KATE BRYAN • 2015-2016 DC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum is a much-needed program to help the most talented young Catholic professionals build the most solid foundation in their lives for virtuous leadership.”

LEONARD LEO • Leonine Forum Board Member

“The Leonine Forum is at the cutting edge of the New Evangelization, bringing the best of Catholic social thought and doctrine to bear on a turbulent period in our national history.”

GEORGE WEIGEL • Ethics and Public Policy Center

“There’s no such thing as morally neutral law. Every piece of public policy embodies somebody’s values. If it’s going to embody true values, people need to know the truth. The Leonine Forum is teaching the next generation of leaders the truth about man and God, and the role of the state in respecting both.”

RYAN T. ANDERSON • Heritage Foundation