Brenda Garcia
2019-2020 LA Fellow

““I’m grateful to say that the Leonine Forum has challenged me spiritually, intellectually, and…”

Matthew Paprocki
2020-2021 Chicago Fellow

“The Leonine experience taught me how to use Catholic Social Teaching in my…”

Grace Shay
2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“I am so grateful for the fellowship and formation that I’ve found in the Leonine…”

Christian Iezzi
2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“I met an incredible group of like-minded people and learned a lot from them, as well…”

Cecilia Cervantes
2018-2019 DC Fellow

“In the last year, a lot has changed in my spiritual life and I have to credit Leonine…”

Joel Ojeda
2019-2020 LA Fellow

“At Leonine, it was encouraging to meet others like me, who are trying to live an…”

Luisa Majnoni d'Intignano
2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“I am very happy to say Leonine provided the first structured environment for me to learn…”

Alec Torres
2016-2017 DC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum helped show me how to see timeless truths in many of the great…”

Tess Murray, M.D.
2020-2021 NYC Fellow

“I often feel like I’m deep in uncharted waters, navigating my way as a new doctor in…”

Kate Abbott
2018-2019 DC Fellow

“My First Year experience with the Leonine Forum was electric. I wanted to have a…”

Alexei Sargeant
2018-2019 NYC Fellow

“I appreciated the chance to get to know my cohort better and forge relationships with…”

Julia Slingsby
2013-2014 DC Fellow

“The Leonine Forum was an incredible experience. We learned directly from the…”